Page County Jail

Capt. Mike Atkins The Page County Jail was built in 1969 to house 26 inmates, today the average daily population is 89 inmates. The Page County Jail only houses adult male inmates. Female and juvenile inmates are sent to other facilities, as the Page County Jail does not have the required accommodations to house them. Female inmates are housed in the Rockingham County Jail, on a one for one exchange basis. We house one of Rockingham County's male inmates for each female they house for us. Under the current administration, the jail has re-obtained certification from the Commonwealth of Virginia. This designation assures citizens that the complex is meeting standards required by the laws of the Commonwealth. Jail Programs The Page County Jail has numerous programs aimed at helping inmates develop life skills while incarcerated, which helps prevent recidivism among inmates upon release. The jail oversees the following services and programs: GED/Educational Program Counseling Recreation Program Library Program Ministerial and Bible Studies Work Release Program Jail Trustee Program Inmate Work Detail Program Employment Workshop Program

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