Work Release

Sheriff Thomas is a firm believer that persons placed in a jail or penitentiary should have an opportunity to help off-set the cost of their incarceration. For that reason, he has implemented a Work Release Program, non-violent inmates, that are not considered to be a threat to the community are allowed to participate in this program. Inmates work under close supervision, they can provide a benefit to the community while paying their debt to society. Employers may contact the Jail Administrator for additional information regarding this program. Inmates that have participated in the Work Release Program during the last fiscal year (2009-2010) have performed 43,779 hours of free service to our county, community and non-profit organizations, at a rate of $8.00 per hour. This is a savings of $350,652.00 that has been returned to the General Fund. These savings can be passed along to keep our taxes lower and hire local residents to perform tasks outside of the work done by the inmate labor force. Monies are deducted from their paychecks to pay Child Support Obligations, Court Fees, Restitution and they are required to pay for 100% of their medical bills.

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