Delayed Reporting

The following instructions are being provided to you in order to make the committal and booking process on the day you report to the Page County Jail simpler, smoother, and more expeditious. By following these guidelines you are playing a vital role in making this procedure less confusing.
***The date and time you are to report to the jail has been assigned by the sentencing court. Don't be late! Tardiness will be reported to the court and we (the Jail) may deny your good time which will result in a longer incarceration for you.***

Personal Items, Property, Money, and Clothing

We allow you to have the following:

Delayed Confinement Reporting Instruction

  1. Tennis shoes, sandals, or flip flops (No boots or steel toe footwear)
  2. One watch
  3. One wedding ring (must be of modest size and have no decorative stones)
  4. One necklace of religious nature (must be of modest size and have no decorative stones)
  5. One baseball style hat
  6. White or gray undergarments (t-shirts, socks, and underwear) that you are wearing at the time you report you will be allowed to keep. (all other undergarments must be purchased from the jail canteen)
  7. White or gray cotton sweatpants or white or gray cotton sweatshorts that you are wearing at the time you report you will be allowed to keep. (all other outer garments must be purchased from the jail canteen.) You will not be allowed to keep anything on your person other than the items, shoes, and clothing listed above!!!  Therefore, please do not bring your wallet, cell phone, keys, tobacco products, extra clothing, etc., with you when you report.
  8. All currency and change you have on your person when you report will be put into your personal inmate account. While you are incarcerated, anyone may deposit money into this account in the form of cash or money order. No personal checks will be accepted. The funds on your account may be used to purchase items from the jail canteen.
  9. Medical or Mental Health Condition

    If you suffer from any chronic or acute physical or psychologial ailment or you are taking any medication, whether they are prescribed or over the counter, YOU MUST make arrangements to see the jail. This is critical in providing you with the care you need while incarcerated.

    Contact Information

    Page County Jail
    Lieutenant Bruce Wright
    (540)743-6571 ext.3339
    (540)843-3341 (nurse)
    (540)743-1096 (fax)