The Page County Jail was built in 1969 to house 26 inmates; the average daily population for 2014 was 79. The Page County Jail only houses adult male inmates. The Page County Jail is not certified to hold juveniles and does not have the required accommodations to incarcerate females on a long term basis. Therefore, female inmates and juvenile detainees are sent to other facilities. Under the current administration, the jail has re-obtained certification from the Virginia Department of Corrections. This designation assures citizens the complex is meeting standards required by the laws of the Commonwealth. 

The Page County Jail has numerous programs aimed at helping inmates develop life skills while incarcerated, which helps prevent recidivism upon release. The jail offers the following services and programs:

  • GED/Educational Program

  • Counseling

  • Recreation Program

  • Library

  • Ministerial and Bible Studies

  • Work Release Program

  • Jail Trustee Program

  • Inmate Work Detail Program

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Home Electronics Incarceration

Contact Information

Captain Randall Williams

Lieutenant Dominika Seal

(540)743-1096 (fax)


108 South Court Street

Luray, VA 22835


Tel: 540-743-6571

Fax: 540-743-1252


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Follow the link below to the AWARE Foundation which is a resource for when a person goes missing.

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